Whether you have just immigrated to the US or whether you have been living there for years, immigration might have confronted you with problems that you may need to put behind only with the help of a psychologist. Your best choice is an Iranian psychologist, not too few in the US. But why do you need to speak to an Iranian psychologist?

How does speaking to an Iranian psychologist benefit you?

In the presence of an Iranian psychologist in America, you have the chance to
express your feelings and thoughts in your native language, and so does your
therapist who is familiar with your cultural background. In addition to knowledge
and experience in psychology, your therapist also needs to be knowledgeable in the
field of your problem. You also need to make sure their knowledge is up-to-date
and they are updated to the most recent findings in psychology so they will not be
handling your issues using obsolete techniques.

Consulting Areas with an Iranian Psychologist in America

Iranian psychologists living in America provide counseling in different fields,

Individual counseling
The challenges you are facing are very normal and you may sometimes experience
feelings such as confusion, sadness, homesickness and anger. It may decrease your
daily energy, academic and work performance, desire to communicate with others,
or even the quality of your sleep.
Individual counseling with Iranian psychologists in America will help you resolve
the root cause of your problems. These Problems may have arisen due to
migration, such as PTSD, culture shock, or being homesick, and also can be related
to your life in Iran. No matter why you are seeking therapy, an Iranian
psychologist familiar with general behaviors and ethics in Iran and the dominant
lifestyles of Iranian families can guide you further. For better access to an Iranian
psychologist in America, we offer you SimiaRoom’s individual counseling held by
experts from a team of Iran’s psychology and psychotherapy academics and
Marriage Counseling
The challenges of marriage are endless. Whether you married in Iran before
immigration or have married an American in the US or even if you have chosen

your spouse from among Iranians living there, you will have to need marriage
counseling to make better and sounder decisions, especially if there are
considerable cultural and socio-religious differences between you and your spouse.
You can refer to an American specialist in the field of marriage counseling, but it
is an advantage for you if the therapist is familiar with your cultural background.
You may even choose whether you are more comfortable with an Iranian female
psychologist as she may better understand the mental and social challenges of your
living conditions there.
Family Counseling
Family counseling includes teaching techniques to help correct communication in a
family correctly and peacefully. It is possible that your family in Iran still
influences you, and your life may still be affected by the decisions or opinions of
your family even from a distance.
Consultation with an Iranian psychologist, because your therapist is more familiar
with the Iranian ideology and lifestyles of Iranian families, can help you overcome
your problems more easily. In online family counseling, you also have the
possibility to participate in online meetings from America with your family
members in Iran.
Child and Adolescent Counseling
If you immigrated to America after the birth of your child, or if you had a child
after immigrating, in any case, you must be facing certain challenges raising them
due to environmental and cultural differences. You may want to involve Iranian
culture in your child's upbringing or raise them as an American; you might even
want to have a combination of both styles. This is something that definitely calls
for consultation with an Iranian psychologist specializing in children and
adolescents. A good child and adolescent counselor for you should be familiar with
the American culture as well as the Iranian culture.
Online counseling with an Iranian psychologist will give you the benefit of
participating in therapy sessions alone or with your children and helps you master
the required skills.

The cost of consulting with an Iranian psychologist living in America

Finding an Iranian psychologist in California may not be too hard. But are the costs
of face-to-face therapy and, more importantly, the time you spend getting to their
office easy to afford?
Today, the cost of online consultation is cheaper than face-to-face consultation
anywhere in the world, and it allows you to have a wider selection of expert
therapists. So don't worry about the consultation fee because online meetings are a
very suitable and smart alternative to face-to-face counseling. To find out more
about the cost of online counseling in the field of individual, couple, family, and
adolescent therapy with the best psychology and psychiatry professors in Iran, you
can visit the first page of the SimiaRoom website and check out the affordable
counseling packages.

SimiaRoom services for consultation with Iranian psychologists in America

In SimiaRoom, we have collected a selection of Iran's best therapists, most of
whom are either living abroad or have had the experience of immigrating and
living in other countries, and for this reason, they can provide those of you who are
looking for well-known Iranian psychologists in the US with high-quality
We have considered a process for you, if you wish, through which only by
answering a few short questions, you will be led to the most suitable expert
psychologist or psychiatrist, as your therapist, for your problem; or you can just
choose the therapist yourself.
Also, during the consultation, you have the possibility to change your therapist for
more efficiency and better communication.
SimiaRoom is the first service offering online psychological services for Iranians
abroad, and has been active in this field with more than 4 years of experience and
has been able to gain a 95% satisfaction rate from its clients so far.
To start your consultation, you can click on book a consultation session and be in
touch with the experts of SimiaRoom to help you coordinate time and choose a