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  • Dr. Laden Fati
  • Dr. Samiya Babaei
  • Dr. Sara Bani Hashemi
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Frequently Asked Questions

After holding a pre-consultation session, according to your Issue and preferences, the most suitable Therapist will be suggested to you. If you want to start your therapy session with a specific therapist, you can tell our support team

After you register and pay, a pre-consultation meeting will be arranged for you within 24 hours, in which the most suitable Therapist based on your problem and preferences.

Yes. It is possible to receive a letter for your insurance, and a large number of Simiaroom clients have used this possibility. Remember that your insurance must support “online therapy services”.

Yes, you can purchase packages of 15, 20, 30 sessions. Stay in touch with the Simiaroom support team for further Information.

You can have a free pre-consultation Meeting with us to choose the right therapist. Send a Request
Need help choosing the right therapist?
You can have a free preliminary consultation with us to choose the right therapist.