Online therapy with an Iranian Psychotherapist in Canada

Whether you have just migrated to Canada or have been living there for years, the challenge remains: 

Shall I find an Iranian Therapist or get along with a Canadian one?

Fine! I need a Psychotherapist, but Should I visit a Psychologist or Psychiatrist? 

Iranian or Canadian?
That's the Issue!

The answer varies depending on how long you have been living abroad or which language is dominant. But when it comes to feelings or sharing your family and Childhood Experiences, you
may unconsciously use your mother tongue or a mix with the second language. Thus, when your psychologist has a good command of both Farsi and English, you will be better able to express yourself and share your feelings. 

the following characteristics of a psychotherapist are also important:

If an Iranian psychologist is familiar with your cultural and traditional background in Iran,
he or she can better understand your challenges compared to a Canadian one. This little factor may play a big role in having a significant outcome.

  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • regarding your issue
  • Familiarity with the concept of
  • immigration and the culture of the
  • destination country
  • Familiarity with your past and current
  • culture for better empathy 
  • Availability and matching your time zone

How can I find a good Iranian
Therapist in Canada?

It is not difficult to find an Iranian psychologist in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, but in order to reach a good psychologist from every spot in Canada, online therapy is the best choice. On the other hand, you may travel or be out of town; online therapy can come in handy, so you do not necessarily have to cancel your session and can have it from wherever you are. What makes online therapy beneficial is that you have the chance to have your therapy sessions with the best Iranian psychologists all around the world.

Fields of Therapy

Whether in Iran or Canada, Iranian psychologists provide therapy for Iranian immigrants in several areas:


  • Emotion Regulation and Stress Management

The process of immigration could be stressful for anyone. Studies in psychology have shown that immigrants have a high risk of Stress and trauma-related disorders such as experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or Adjustment Disorders after their immigration.

  • DepressionTreatment

Being Lonely is not bad but experiencing Loneliness, isolation, inability to enjoy life, and constant sadness after immigration will turn into depression if left untreated. Cognition and behavioral patterns play a significant role, so a Psychotherapist Can help you manage your Mood.

  • Couples Therapy

One of the popular false beliefs is that “marital problems will be resolved on their own” after immigration. Immigration could face you and your partner with new challenges which are not easy to surpass alone. A professional psychologist’s help in couples therapy will be necessary and beneficial in such cases. 


  • Individual Therapy

Individual therapy concentrates on individual success and personal improvement as well as the

treatment of disorders and mental problems.


  • Family Therapy

Family problems can affect the person even when they are miles away. An Iranian psychologist

familiar with Iranian families’ culture can help in this regard. 


  • Child and Adolescent Therapy

Raising a child is a complex issue that requires learning several skills. If your child is raised in

a different cultural context, learning skills will be even more essential and further complicated. Child therapy can help your child grow up safely and experience a reasonable adjustment in migration.

  • Immigration 

In addition to all the points mentioned above, immigration itself could raise challenges and concerns leading to anxiety, doubts, and isolation. That is why an Iranian psychologist, an expert in the field of immigration, living in Ottawa or any other city in Canada, will be able to help you accept and resolve the current issues effectively.

Packaging and Prices

By now, you must have inquired about the costs of therapy in Canada. The costs of visiting an Iranian psychologist in Canada can be very high. However, with SimiaRoom, you will be

paying much less than Canadian clinics’ prices. The quality, however, will be to your satisfaction. In SimiaRoom, in addition to the gifts dedicated to new clients, there are several therapy packages with reasonable prices. The therapy sessions will be scheduled and held according to your desired timetable. 

To Sum up…

online therapy is one of the best options for those seeking an Iranian psychologist in Canada. But certain concerns also remain, namely, the fear of not reaching the expected results!

When it comes to Choosing psychotherapists, SimiaRoom Shows the maximum sensitivity to deliver the BEST service.

Therefore, surveys are our next step to evaluate the delivery quality after each therapy session. not only that, SimiaRoom has chosen the best “customer service team” to reply to the clients and holds the option of “Refunding” in case of dissatisfaction. 

We can proudly claim that SimiaRoom psychologists are:


– the best in their field to help immigrants 

– understand and appreciate the cultural differences

– comprehensive knowledge of Farsi and English

– the experience of living abroad, 

– broad knowledge and vast experience in their fields of expertise, 

which helps distinguish them from the rest!


To book an appointment,

all you need to do is see the psychologist’s bio/resume on their pages or share your therapy topics with our experts in SimiaRoom so that we can offer you the best options in no time.