Immigration has its own concerns, and one of these issues may be related to your physical and mental health. A doctor with expertise anywhere in the world can help people from different cultures. If you need psychological counseling, which therapist do you refer to? A German psychologist or an Iranian psychologist in Germany?

Most of the time, People prefer to speak their mother tongue to explain their most personal issues and deepest feelings. In addition to language, the role of culture is also crucial. Suppose the psychologist is not familiar with the culture in which you grew up. In that case, understanding your problems and issues is much more complex.

The therapeutic alliance is one of the most important components of success in psychotherapy. This therapeutic alliance results from a good therapist-client bond. Suppose the cultural background and language of the two are common. In that case, the possibility of creating a therapeutic alliance will be much more. So consulting an Iranian psychologist in Germany may be more useful than consulting a German psychologist. If you are looking for counseling in Germany, find an Iranian psychologist in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, or Cologne.

Knowledge and Experience

Having a validated resume and therapeutic experience is very important. You should check all these things carefully before Choosing your therapist. Many years of experience in consulting is important, but it is not enough. Your therapist should be someone who keeps up-to-date with all the latest treatment methods.

Sense of Empathy

A psychologist’s empathy is the most influential factor in the counseling process. The connection and bonds in your therapy sessions can help you to have a better healing route.

No Judgment

If you are labeled, or your feelings and behaviors are judged during counseling, that counseling will not have good results.

 Which counseling areas do Iranian psychologists offer in Germany?

Iranian psychologists in Germany provide counseling in various fields. These consulting areas are:

Stress Treatment

Migration has its own anxieties, but sometimes unpleasant events happen in our journey, which causes posttraumatic stress (PTSD). This type of stress requires professional help, and an Iranian psychologist in Germany can help you get along with this issue. When you feel lonely, isolated, not enjoying life, and sad after starting to live in Germany, you may be on the verge of developing.

 Couple Therapy

Whether you got married in Germany, married before you immigrated, or married to German couple therapy in Germany, we will help you solve your issues and challenges. Especially if you have an Iranian psychologist familiar with immigration and German culture. 

Individual Counseling

You don’t need to wait for a problem to appear to see a psychologist; Maybe you need a career, looking forward to academic advancement, or you need to strengthen some personal skills. Individual therapy with an Iranian psychologist in Germany will help you live a healthier and more

purposeful life. 

Family Counseling

Family problems may affect your life even from a few kilometers away. To solve family disputes and issues, consulting with an Iranian psychologist who is more familiar with the culture of Iranian families is undoubtedly more effective than consulting German psychologists. Online counseling with an Iranian psychologist will be the best option, even if you need to attend meetings with your family members.

Marriage Counseling

Whether you decide to marry an Iranian in Germany or a German, pre-marriage counseling will help you travel a smoother path. It would be better if this counselor is familiar with you and your cultural background to guide you better. 

Child and adolescent Counseling

No matter where you are in the world, raising a child is a complex topic and requires preparation. If you have immigrated with your child, his position in a new environment may cause challenges, or if you gave birth to your child in Germany. You want him to be familiar with the cultural components of Iran; child and adolescent counseling is the best way.

 Immigration Psychology in Germany

In addition to everything mentioned, immigration can stress you, affecting your life management and planning. An Iranian psychologist in Munich or Stuttgart, or anywhere in Germany will help you overcome these stresses.

Which areas of Germany do Iranian psychologists provide?

There are many psychologists if you are looking for a consultation with an Iranian psychologist doctor in Essen, Bochum, Aachen, or any other city in Germany. Still, to guarantee the quality of these consultations, we suggest you take advantage of online therapy.

Sessions with an Iranian psychologist. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for an Iranian psychologist from Dortmund, Heidelberg, Hanover, Bremen, Dusseldorf, or Bonn. Iranian psychologists are available to you online throughout Germany.

Consulting services with Iranian psychologists in Germany in SimiaRoom

SimiaRoom is the first service providing online counseling for Iranians abroad, which, considering the time differences between Iran and Europe and bringing together more than 50 psychology and psychiatry professors from Iran, has provided a service so that you can easily consult at home or at your workplace, and enjoy a high-quality therapy session. SimiaRoom therapists have expertise in the counseling fields mentioned. You can connect to the most suitable Iranian psychologist for your problem by talking to SimiaRoom experts and booking a consultation time. It is also possible to choose the counselor and request a change of psychologist whenever you need to change the counselor during the treatment process.